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Bruce A. Alden
Director - Financial Planning
Edelman Financial Engines
Based In:
Serving Clients in these States

As the Director – Financial Planning at the Financial Engines Vinings office, I partner with my clients in the Atlanta metro area to develop sound written financial plan centered on helping them to consistently pursue their short and long term financial goals.When we first meet my clients often ask me great questions like:• When can I retire?• Will I have enough money in retirement?• Am I on the right track?• Will my current plan get me to my goals?Some of my clients even suffered from “Financial Insomnia” before they met me. The key to curing this ailment starts with answering the question “Why”! Why is about what’s important to them … it’s not a number. When together we figure out their “Why” the “What” and the “How” become strikingly clear.If you or someone you know suffers from “Financial Insomnia” then reach out to me at 678-905-2150 so we can schedule a time to explore ways to cure that “Financial Insomnia” with a well-planned and executed financial plan customized to address your specific financial goals.We focus on later, so you can focus on now!