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Darcy Jay Ungaro
Ungaro and Co Limited
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In the financial advice community there’s no shortage of guidance available to those who want to advance their wealth to the next level.There are some gaps however:- most people don’t access personalised financial advice because they are wealth-developers, not wealth-managers.- often when financial advice is accessed, there’s a ‘narrow-range’ of solutions recommended that depends on what the background is of the adviser giving the advice.- to build new wealth in the new world, advisers and their clients need to start reaching for new tools and strategies. This includes mainstream and digital assets.Darcy Ungaro is a qualified financial adviser, who’s keen to see financial services evolve to reach more people, with a higher quality of advice at the right time in peoples lives.Unorthodox, slightly contrarian, a bit eccentric- be prepared to hear what’s often missing in mainstream financial media. Why listen to the status quo when the world’s changing all around us?Disruption, generosity, and innovation. 3 things financial advisers should have front and centre. Disruption’s great but, but when it affects your bottom line that’s when it gets real. True generosity gives outside of any benefit returning. Innovation is a mindset, not an app or a start-up.Darcy’s keen to ‘break’ the model of how financial advice is delivered – our industry is so far disconnected to the people who could benefit the most it’s ridiculous. Technology aims to become more human, and humans aim to become more digital – It’s wonderful and terrifying at the same time.Wouldn’t it be awesome though, if there was a truly ‘customer-centric’ financial advice model that provided the trust that only a person can deliver with the consistency that only tech can maintain?Darcy Ungaro heads up a boutique financial advice firm Ungaro & Co based in Auckland City and is the host of the #1 rated investing podcast The NZ Everyday Investor.If you’d like to connect on a business level, check out the podcast, visit